Dr. Shikha Gaikwad

Dr. Shikha Gaikwad

Assistant Professor


An educationist with 15 years of experience with core competencies in the domain of Applied Biology, Research, Design of Experiments and Analytical Skills in Biology.





Selected Research Publications:

Treatability study of slurry bioreactor technology for bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soil. Vikrant Gaikwad and Shikha Gaikwad, in Journal of Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 25 (3): pp 1429-1434, (2019).

Effect of Orifice Shape on Water Disinfection Efficacy. Vikrant Gaikwad, Shikha Gaikwad and Vivek Ranade, in Pollution Research, 35 (4): pp 765-771, (2016).

Biosurfactants: Types, detection methods, importance and applications. Rohit Nikam, Nikhil Shah, Shikha Gaikwad, and Vaijayanti Sapre, in Indian Journal Of Microbial Research, 3 (1): pp 5-10, (2016).

Structural and Functional Diversity of Rhizobacterial Strains Isolated from Rhizospheric Zone of Different Plants of Sholapur-Maharashtra Region, India, Shikha Gaikwad and Vaijayanti Sapre, in International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Science, 4(9): pp 263-273, (2015).

Rhizosphere competent Mesorhizobium loti MP6 induces root hair curling, inhibits Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and enhances growth of Indian mustard (Brassica campestris) in Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, Shikha Chandra, Kamlesh Choure, Ramesh C. Dubey and Dinesh K. Maheshwari,38 (1): pp 124-130, (2007).

Antibacterial activity of medicinal plant Crateava nurvala (bark) against bacterial strains causing U.T.I. in Asian Journal of Chemistry, Shikha Chandra and Chandra Prakash Gupta, 33: pp 1181-1187, (2000).


Teaching Experience : 18 Years

Books Published

15 Book Published.


Industrial Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology